Your Fast
Pass to Home

Expedite the beginning of your home building process by up to 60 days by letting PorchPass purchase your dream land & home with cash for a quick move-in.

PorchPass for Home / Land Buyers

Save Time
Begin construction up to 60 days sooner by avoiding the wait for a construction loan to be finalized.
Save Money
PorchPass could help you save thousands of dollars in bank fees.
Peace of Mind
With PorchPass, you'll have the competitive edge of a cash buyer, ensuring you won't miss out on the land and home of your dreams.

Why our technology makes the manufactured housing process 10X faster

Typical Process
140 Days
A traditional construction loan can significantly slow the process and put your land or home selection at risk.
14 Days
PorchPass allows you to bypass this step altogether, speeding up the process and making your offer more desirable to land sellers.
Our 14 Days’ Process

PorchPass streamlines the land/home buying process to make homeownership even more accessible. If approved, PorchPass will make a cash offer on the land you want to purchase.

Automating much of the paperwork that comes with a traditional lender allows you to close on your land quicker and begin construction knowing you are saving thousands of dollars along the way.

Why PorchPass Works right arrow
Step 1
Bring your lender or partner with ours
To qualify for PorchPass, you must first be approved for a traditional mortgage for your mobile home.Don’t have a mortgage yet?

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Step 2
Pick your dream home and land
Once you have secured your mobile home and you need land on which to place it, call us and schedule a free consultation. We have streamlined this procedure so you can skip a lot of the time-consuming steps of the traditional construction loan process.
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Step 3
Close with PorchPass
Once the final numbers are determined and agreed upon, PorchPass will work directly with the land seller and mobile home dealership to purchase the land with cash.
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Step 4
Construction Process
PorchPass works directly with your retailer to oversee the construction of your site work and new home ensuring all inspections are completed up to mortgage lender requirements.
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Step 5
Close and Move In
Once the final inspection is completed, your home is ready to close with your mortgage lender and start the next chapter of your life as homeowners.
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